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Manged Hosting Overview

SunGard Managed Hosting

Are you frustrated by the constraints IT puts on your business? Does the thought of losing a critical business application keep you awake at night? And how vulnerable are you to security breaches?

Infrastructure issues, system limitations and a lack of specialist expertise can mean the IT service the business relies upon could be a burden that is slowing performance. Perhaps you’ve thought about outsourcing but don’t want to relinquish control. Yet, increasingly, you find that your IT staff are forced to spend valuable time fire fighting or carrying out routine housekeeping tasks. Surely there must be a better way…

Over 3,000 businesses have selected our state of the art data centres as the right home for their mission critical applications and equipment.
Sungard Availability Services’ Managed Hosting services put you firmly in control of your IT.

We take away the vital but mundane daily chores, freeing your IT team to focus on projects that add real value to the business. We host your systems in one of our secure, highly resilient data centres, but leave you in full command of the applications that drive your operation. This means you benefit from best of breed technology infrastructure with round the clock monitoring and support by highly skilled IT professionals.

You’re in charge so you specify the availability levels and recovery times your business demands. That way you only pay for the protection you need. You get an improved service, security, and peace of mind. You get value for money and an experience spanning nearly four decades on tap. You get everything, in fact, except the headaches.

SunGard Availability Services